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Out of Memory
« on: September 28, 2011, 12:37:31 pm »
You might run out of memory in two different ways. One, the program might fail to start and examination of Java error log shows that the Java virtual machine ran out of memory. And two, you might add so much data to the program that you run out of memory.

In the second case you might notice that the program is only using 2GB of data while your computer might have 4GB. So the program could use more memory, but for some reason it isn't.

Both problems can be solved by editing the java.opts file found in the C:\Program Files\ArchaeoFusion directory.
The file looks like this on 32 bit machines:

And this on 64 bit machines:

The line you want to change is the one starting with -Xmx. This line determines how much memory the computer is going to use. In the case of the first problem you want to reduce the amount of memory the program uses and in the second case you increase the amount of memory the program uses.

For example, say you have 6GB of memory on your computer and you want to use 4GB for ArchaeoFusion. The line -Xmx2000m tells ArchaeoFusion to use 2000MB of memory or roughly 2GB. To change the program to use 4GB change the line to read -Xmx4000m.


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